Church Unified

I think that it's a beautiful thing when the church can come together. Last night, we pretty much chunked the usual things that we do out the window and came together to commission some missionaries off to their mission field. Everyone from preschool to senior adults gathered together to pray for the students (preschool through high school) that are getting ready to go back to their schools. Our church's children ministry team put together prayer partners within our church. These are adults that have agreed to adopt a student to pray and encourage them through this school year. I was stoked when they invited the student ministry to be involved in this. I had the opportunity to share about how students were in their respective schools "for such a time as this" from the story of Esther. Our pastor, Stan Lewis, came and shared to the students the importance of "standing in the strength of the Lord" within their schools. Stan also shared about the importance of the adults surrounding and supporting the students of our church.

When the church comes together as one, we fulfill one of the desires of Christ. The prayer that Jesus prayed for future believers in John 17 was a prayer of unity. Christ desires for His bride to be unified. It is important to have things that minister to the different age levels where they are, but if we do nothing together then all we have created is a "church within a church." This can be a monster of destruction.

How is your church showing unity within the Body?