Big Stuf Camp Day 1

6 hours on the road (including meals and potty breaks) and we made it to Big Stuf Camp.  This is my first experience with this camp and I must say that so far so good.  The check-in and all was great.  I really like the format of things.  Plus being right on the beach is not that bad either.  I am looking forward to getting some rest and then hitting it hard tomorrow.

Tonight got started with some great worship.  The theme of this year's camp is "TIME."  Jared Herd spoke tonight about how God has given us this gift of TIME so that our story has a place to rest.  God is authoring a great story in each of our lives and we get to put some input into it.  Some great questions that came out of tonight's worship was:

  1. What are you doing with the time that God has given you?

  2. Time is a non-renewable resource, so are you wasting it or making the most of it?

  3. If your life was a movie, what would the promo poster look like or say?

Check out the parable of the talents in Matthew 25:14-30 and let God's word speak to you about this great gift called TIME that God has entrusted to you.