Is Post-Modern A Good Thing?

This was a thought that I had while I was sitting in a seminary level systematic theology class.  We were talking about the importance of a believer to be able to state what they believe based on the Bible and present it to those who may ask.  I think that is what 1 Peter is talking about when it says,

Instead, you must worship Christ as Lord of your life. And if someone asks about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it.  (1 Peter 3:15 NLT)

One of the points that came up was the fact that this whole post-modern movement that is so prevalent in our society might be good in a couple of ways.  A couple of characteristics of this post-modern movement are:

  1. The belief that there is no absolute truth. This is probably the one characteristic of the post-modern movement that we hear about, especially within the church.

  2. The power of story. There seems to be this high importance put on a person's story.  Each person's story is valuable and worth telling and be heard.

  3. The importance of relationships. The relationships between people are one of the strongest elements in a person's life in the mind of the post-modernist.

  4. The attraction to passion.  I'm not sure that this is something new, but people are drawn to others who demonstrate a life of passion.

While on the surface, this post-modern movement may seem to be the evil of the next few years.  But if one digs a little deeper and looks at these characteristics closely, they will see that this might just be some exciting times for the Church to really shine.

  1. What greater story is there than the story of God becoming flesh to redeem a people through love that had rebelled against Him?  There's a good reason that the Bible is the #1 best selling book of all time: it contains the greatest story ever told.  If that weren't enough, God is writing new chapters of love through the life of every believer that comes to Him.

  2. Relationships?  You want relationships?  What about a relationship with the Creator of the universe?  How's that for a relationship?  If we will share with those of the post-modern generation about this real relationship with Jesus, then we will see a difference in their lives.

  3. Passion.  This is one that I think might be a good reason that God has allowed this mindset of post-modernism to set in.  Passion cannot be faked or conjured up.  Passion for the Lord pours forth from a relationship with Him.  We don't need more churches trying to hype up their services.  We need more believers to return to their first love, Jesus.  I don't know if I've ever seen anything more attractive (in a drawing sense) than a person who has had their life lit up with the love of Christ.  Jesus said that He would draw all men to Himself if we would just lift Him up" (John 12:32).  Would the world around us see a real Christian in love with Christ?

  4. I truly believe that if the three previous steps are taken, then the main one that most stumble over (no absolute truths) would squash itself.  If believers in Christ started living biblical lives and be authentic, it would be hard to just brush off the Truth (Jesus Christ).

What threats/opportunities do you see the post-modern movement creating for the Church?


Erica Parker said...

Hey Anthony!
I've just started the first week of my last year of college, can you believe it? To help the senior class get to know each other better my professor is having us give PowerPoint presentations on ourselves. When I was writing my presentation I came to the question of "what matters" and I couldn't help but write down that people matter, that salvation matters. Now, I have this deeply personal testimony written out and my stomach has been in knots for days. I have written things that I have only ever shared with very few people, and always in one to one settings. I am so nervous to make myself vulnerable in front of my classmates that I have been tempted to omit the testimony. Anyway, I was just beginning to search around on all the inspiring blogs I watch and the first thing that I see is this post of yours. The two verses you referenced are just what I needed to hear. So, tomorrow I will go to class and give my testimony to a class full of unsuspecting peers. I don't think that this anxious feeling will go away, and though I am fearful of the response I will receive, I know it is important to give an answer for the hope I posses in Jesus Christ. Thanks again Brother Anthony, you have taught me so much over the years! Congrats on Drew's 2nd Birthday!