Crossroads Update

Three ChairsSpecial Theme: Student-led worship service for the entire church.

Music: "Victory In Jesus", "You Are Holy (Prince of Peace)", "Come Thou Fount".

Special: The student praise team put together a slide show/video to go along with them singing a great song about our need of each other called "I Need You To Survive."

Message: "The Three Chairs."  Joshua 24:15-Judges 2:12.  This was a message that deals with the different spiritual conditions of people (commitment, compromise, and conflict with God).  It uses the illustration from Dr. Bruce Wilkinson's book Experiencing Spiritual Breakthroughs.

Overall: This night was one to remember.  I was so proud of the hard work that the students had put in to prepare to lead worship for our fellowship.  There was a great "spirit" in the building Sunday night.  I know that I spent a great deal of time in preparation on the message (more than I even usually do).  I was very proud of our students for stepping up and inviting their friends to come and see what God was doing at our fellowship.  One young lady that has been visiting our student ministry over the past month or so even brought a visitor!  I hope to have the mp3 of the message up soon.