Love Your Pastor

Today I did something that I don't think I've ever done before. I've thought about it a few times but never gotten around to it. What did I do? I took my pastor to lunch.

Some might think, "what's the big deal?" I would say just ask my pastor. Have you ever thought of how many times someone has just out of the blue taken your pastor to a meal just to spend some time with them? As a student pastor myself, I'm taking those of my flock out all the time. Not many times do those I minister to take me out. It is special when it does happen.

I know the stresses of student ministry. I truly don't know all the stresses of a senior pastor. It is very important for my pastor to know that I support and appreciate him. The team approach is key.

I would strongly encourage every believer to reach out and encourage your leaders. Don't just assume that they are good and know that you're behind them. As a leader, I can say that when those moments of support come, they greatly encourage us and mean the world to us. If you a student pastor or other support minister, remove all doubt from your pastor's mind and encourage them. Put a boost in your leadership by letting them know what they mean to you.