Check Up

For those who know me well, you know that I'm not one that likes going to the doctor. I have to have a limb falling off or something for me to break down and go in. I have gotten a little better with this stubbornness (big thanks to my loving wife). The recent sinus infection that I've had drove me to the doctor this week. What I would encounter was not what I thought.

My family doctor recently joined a new group of doctors. Since this was my first visit to the new place, they wanted to do a lot of check up stuff on me. I got nervous. I began to remember why I don't like visiting the doc: I know that I haven't taken the best care of myself (exercise & all) and the results I don't want to hear. Everything came back pretty good except a slight irregularity with my heart that doc said was probably nothing but just to make sure, stress tests coming in a couple of weeks.

This got me to thinking about one reason that people do not like going to church. When a person goes to a Bible-believing, Bible-teaching church they are confronted by a message that is very pointed and clear: care is needed for your condition. You may have not been taking care of yourself spiritually and you know that things are not what they are supposed to be.

Just as it is nonsense to just avoid the doctor and check ups physically because you might not take the best care of yourself, so to try and run from God because things aren't what they should be is nonsense. Let us run to the arms of a loving Father who will show us the remedy for our condition.