Wednesday Night Wrapup 06-01-11

Tonight was the first Wednesday night of our summer at the Crossroads. We decided to start things off with a pool party. It was a good time I thought. A lot of our students were scattered different places due to cheer camps, family traveling, and other things. With all that going on, we still had a good crew for a fun time. The cool pool was very welcome as we set a record high here in Birmingham.

The goal tonight was to just gather students and adults together for a time of fun and fellowship with each other.  The teacher in me kept thinking that maybe I should prepare a devotion or something.  But I realized that it's good to just sometimes get the family together for some fun and conversations.  Just as it is important for a family to play together, it is very important for the church family to play together.  It is in those "different" times that some deep bonds can be formed.

I was stoked by a conversation that I had with a couple of students tonight at the pool party.  Out of the blue I was told by one to pull up a chair because they had some questions.  It was cool as I grabbed a chair and entertained their questions.  It started with "what are your thoughts/beliefs about how the world began?" and moved to...

  • "was Adam and Eve white?  if not, why are they always depicted that way?"

  • "if you were a soldier and kill someone in war, is that a sin?"

  • "did the first humans participate in incest?"

There were more I know but those were just some that stood out.  It was great.  I know that I couldn't have planned something like that.  I was greatly reminded about the truth and urgency of 1 Peter 3:15.  I was also reminded of the fact that many people have questions.  They are just looking for someone who they can trust to give them an honest answer and not look down on their questions.