8 Years

Eight years ago this day, I was driving to the church that I had grown up in and was, at that time, serving as Youth Pastor. This day was different. This day was not about going into the office. This day was not about Bible studies or crazy games with teens.

Eight years ago, this day was about a covenant. Yes, it was eight years ago today that I married the love of my life, Naomi.


As I think back to that day, I remember being more nervous than I had ever been before. I was so nervous that I left the keys to my truck in the ignition. That's how my two best men got my truck and filled it with packing peanuts.

It's crazy to think that this amazing woman has put up with me for 10 years (8 of marriage, 2 dating), but I'm so glad she has. I would want no one else on this journey called life with me.