PHBC Youth Camp Finale

Today was the final day of Pleasant Home Baptist Church of Soso, MS youth camp. I had the privilege of being the camp pastor. I've shared a couple of the things that had gone on throughout the camp, but the last two days will be summed up here along with thoughts from the camp.

Things I walked away from this camp with:

  • Youth Camps/Retreats are good ministry tools. This was my first summer in 14 years that I was not taking a group to a summer camp or retreat. It was a little awkward. I was reminded though that it is so good for student ministries (and adults for that matter) to get away from the normal hustle and bustle of life and hear God speak clearly. Youth camps are great ways to accomplish this.

  • Don't mix family time and ministry time. PHBC was amazingly gracious to allow my family to come along with me for this trip. During free times I could be found spending time with my family in the beach or something. As the camp wound down, I felt divided. I felt that I had not given my complete all to my family nor to PHBC. If you're going to be doing ministry, do not try to make it a "vacation." Give your family and the ministry that you're called to everything you have at their proper moments.

  • Watching God work in the lives of students gives great hope to the future of the church. Whether we realize it or not, the current generation of adults won't be around forever. The next generation will step up and run the next leg of this race. We had better make sure that we are investing in the next generation properly. From what I saw at this camp, there's some great students who will make some big contributions to the Kingdom of Christ?

  • Every youth minister needs a good team of adults beside them. One thing that I noticed very quickly was the team of adult helpers my friend (the youth pastor) had. These adults loved the students unconditionally. They were taking great strides to build relationships with the students. This goes so far in expanding and seasoning the ministry to students in this church. Without these adults, this student ministry wouldn't be where it is.

  • I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to share and teach God's word with this PHBC and their students. I look forward to hearing and seeing what God does with the seeds that were planted this weekend.