PHBC Youth Camp Day 2

Today was the second day of camp but the first full day of camp. We had a big old time. We kicked off the day talking about how we can draw near to God through prayer. We discussed that there are hindrances that can pop up in our prayer lives like unbelief and unconfessed sin. It seemed to go pretty well.

20120707-231834.jpgWe got to hit the beach today. It was great having my family there with me. It was the first time at the beach for two of our boys. They seemed to like it pretty well. That is until the 1 year old took a couple of waves and got sand in his eyes. That made a quick trip of the beach for them this time. I feel another visit with the family before we leave.

The evening's worship service was neat as it took place on the beach. One of the students and her mom helped by playing guitar and leading in singing. They did a really great job in setting the message up.
God also gave us some great scenery to go with worship tonight. I shared with them about the S.O.S. of forgiveness (Savior, Others, Self). We finished our time together by having everyone write out their forgiveness issues in the sand, confess them, then walk away from them.

The night closed with a manhunt. The youth and some adults were turned out to go find crabs on the beach. Three guys weren't paying attention to their location and wandered WAY down the beach. We sent groups out in both directions looking for the boys. They were found. The direction I went didn't take me to the boys but I did get to meet "Crush" from Finding Nemo.

Looking forward to a big last day of camp tomorrow. May God reach down to us here in Panama City Beach. I am also praying for our fellowship back in Gilbertown, AL as we will be away from them tomorrow morning.