When God Answers the Subpoena

I have been reading through the book of Job again as I walk through the Bible in 2013. If you have never read through the Bible in its entirety, I encourage you to check this out.

The story of Job is one that has always been interesting to me. Here's a guy who loves the Lord and goes through some terrible circumstances to show the Adversary who's boss. For most of the book, Job is pleading his case of innocence before his "friends" while they try to speak for God.

In chapters 38-39, God shows up to speak for Himself. It is interesting to me that God doesn't address the question that Job was asking - "why am I going through this?" - at least on the surface.

As you read God's response to Job, you see that God is trying to let Job know that He has everything under control. The Lord has a plan with everything that comes into our lives (Romans 8:28).

You may be going through some things and have that question of "why?" looming over you. You may even be screaming it out to God. Know that He's not ignoring you, but working out the best plan to make you what He desires you to be. The journey may not be the most fun, but the destination and results are amazing!