Which Will Be You Today?

I was reading some in the Bible this morning. I came across a familiar account: Jesus at Mary and Martha's house (Luke 10:38-42). This is an account that many sermons and lessons have come from. In this account, we see two people who go about things very differently. 

As I get ready to go to the fellowship of believers where we worship this morning, these two ladies are in my mind. This morning, all across the globe, there will be many "Marthas" and "Marys" in attendance at worship services. 

Marthas - these will be those good-hearted souls that will be serving as many people as they can. Most worship times would not happen if it weren't for these precious souls. It will be these folks who are running around making sure that everything is in place and that all is going smoothly. 

Marys - these are those people who will be desperately looking for a word from the Lord. They may have been through the ringer this week. The world may seem to be crashing down on them. They need to hear the words of life from Jesus. 

As we get ready this morning to go to our various fellowships of believers, let us not just serve those around us, but let's make sure that we are hearing what the Lord is saying to us. That is more important than making sure everything looks good.