Book Review: "Nearing Home"

I received a copy of Billy Graham's Nearing Home: Life, Faith, and Finishing Well from Thomas Nelson Publishers through their blog review program at booksneeze.com. I have many of Billy Graham's works in my personal library, so when the opportunity to get his latest work, I jumped on it.


Through the years, I have enjoyed Graham's work as he has tackled many subjects of the Christian faith by writing in terms that anyone can understand. I love how he always backs his thoughts up with Scripture.

Nearing Home tackles a subject that is on many people's mind: the latter of life. He writes from the context of approaching his 93rd birthday. He definitely writes from experience.

At first, I thought this book would be mainly for those entering the "golden years" of life. I thought that I might have to dig to find things to relate to myself as one in his early 30s. I didn't have to dig too deep.

Nearing Home contains some wise words for the younger generations. The importance of preparing now for the "golden years" to come later is one key thing I took away from this work.

Nearing Home is a book that I would recommend to people of all ages. There is truly something for everyone in Billy Graham's latest work.